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Month: March 2021

Our Progress

Our Progress

To start the garden, we are working on completing the City of Calgary’s requirements for approval. Here’s a summary of what is required for approval, and what we’ve accomplished so far:

Step / RequirementStatus
1. Contact 311 (Parks and Rec) with an expression of intent, and a shortlist of potential garden locationsDone
2. Provide documentation to the city supporting the proposal to create the garden.  This includes: Done
a. Community garden plan – A detailed description of the proposed garden Done
b. Garden group information – A detailed description of the garden group Done
c. Community support – Applications must be accompanied by: Done
i. A letter or board motion from the community associationRecieved
ii. Survey of neighbor’s support Obtained neighbor’s support
iii. Letters from other supportersConducted community survey
iv. Letter of support from AldermanObtained letter of support from Alderman
d. Financial plan / budget – Documentation of startup costs and the ongoing financing of the garden Done
e. Insurance – Proof of 5 million dollars of liability insurance Done
Location Update

Location Update

The city has selected a site in Lynnwood Ridge Park that they think has the best potential for a community garden. They have ordered a soil sample for this location as the next step towards approval.

Below is a drawing to show what is possible within the space that has been selected.

Locations Considered

Locations Considered

To determine the best location for the garden we worked with the community, MOCA and the City of Calgary to identify appropriate locations for the garden. See below for the locations considered:

North of MOCA

If placed closer to the ballpark, this location should receive adequate sunlight. Potential for rainwater harvesting from neighboring buildings.

North East Lynnwood Ridge Park

Adequate space to construct a garden.

South East of MOCA

No longer under consideration

Spoke with MOCA and they already have plans for the future use of this location.

North of Jack Setters Arena

No longer under consideration

Spoke with City of Calgary Parks Department and this location has severe drainage and flooding issues in spring.