Vision for the garden

Our vision for the community garden is to be a:

  • Welcoming and inclusive community space where people of all skill levels can interact through gardening.
  • Space where people can connect with nature and understand where their food comes from.
  • Place of sharing knowledge and hands-on learning.
  • Outdoor recreational space for gardeners to gather.

Garden layout

Garden design

When completed, the garden will contain:

  • 42 raised wood beds filled with soil, some for rental and some for charity
  • 2 water taps with hoses for watering
  • A garden shed for tool storage
  • A central gathering space with gazebo
  • Picnic tables and a harvest table
  • Fruit trees

The garden will also be fenced and landscaped.

Garden Layout

Garden location

Garden Placement

The garden is located in the south west corner of Lynnwood Park, near the intersection of 69 Avenue SE and 18 Street SE.